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The Santa Claus Conservatory



If you happen to be driving around the streets of Atlanta, GA and see a red Avalanche with the GA license plate that says ATLSNTA and you want to know what it’s about.

This is one of the many vehicles that Santa rides in when it is not Christmas Eve. This one happens to by his Atlanta truck. He also has vehicles at all the major (and some minor) airports around the world. For example, in Dallas, Texas he has a vehicle with the license plate that says DFWSNTA, in New York City it would be NYCSNTA, in London, England it is LCYSNTA and in Tokyo, Japan it is HNDSNTA.

Each license plate bears the airport code of the airport where Santa lands on his flight from his home at The North Pole. He actually flies out of the Rovaniemi, Finland (where his vehicle is marked RVNSNTA) airport because that is the closest commercial airport to The North Pole. He gets to that airport by way of a small airplane that only goes that far.

You see, the agency that controls international air flights only allows Santa to fly his sleigh during Christmas Eve and a few other select times depending on which Santa tradition that particular area honors.

So, to visit children and their parents at different times, he flies commercially (first class, of course) to the closest airport to them and picks up his local area vehicle from a special hanger reserved just for Santa’s vehicle. The he drives to their house or wherever he is asked to appear.

Now, you know the real story about how Santa gets around. Sometimes, Mrs. Claus comes with him and sometimes the elves do. But, the reindeer aren’t allowed to fly on the plane, so if Santa appears with reindeer, he probably is actually using some of his reindeer herds that are scattered all around the world at different reindeer ranches. Only  those that are actually able to fly live at The North Pole.

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