Santa Home Visit

4 Home Visits-400Treat your family this year with a visit from Santa Jeaux. He is a natural entertainer.  Children of all ages will be delighted with his Christmas stories, songs and a bit of Christmas magic. And won’t they be surprised and excited to find out that he knows their names, the names of their pets, school teachers and even their personal elves.

One event that other families have enjoyed as part of a home visit is what Santa Jeaux calls ‘Dinner with Santa.’ In this, your family has a surprise visit for a little longer than usual and Santa Claus eats dinner with the family, all the while spreading the joy of the season with the children. At the end of the meal, when mom says that she forgot to fix a dessert, Santa Jeaux can come to the rescue with the ingredients for making and decorating Christmas cookies with your children.

Can you imagine the excitement your children will have when they tell their friends that Santa came and had dinner with them? And, they can even have photographs to show their friends, as proof of his personal visit with them.

If the visit is on Christmas Eve, your children will be thrilled when Santa Jeaux comes to your house shortly after they have been ushered to bed and perhaps even asleep. He quietly moves around in the your Christmas tree room while mom or dad wake up the children to peek at Santa around the corner or from the stairs. They can either surprise him by their appearance or quietly let him go about his business and then allow him to leave. Santa Jeaux calls this a ‘Sneak-a-peek.’

Whatever other ideas you may have for your Santa home visit can be discussed ahead of time.

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