Professional Santa Photo Shoots

Professional Santa PhotosSanta Jeaux, is a professional Santa with a real beard, as you can see from his photos. He has been masterfully photographed by some of the best photographers in Georgia. You can have him appear either in your studio or bring him along to an event that you are shooting for your Christmas pictures. You will be delighted for sure. He has been described by many as the most wonderful Santa for Christmas photos, EVER!

Professional photographers captured most of the photographs on this website. But. Santa Jeaux is always looking for additional studios with which to work.

Whether you are a free-lance photographer or have a large full-blown studio, your clients will be thrilled by his portrayal of JOLLY old St Nicholas and your photographs will be cherished by them for many years.

You and your clients will be thrilled at his professionalism when you invite him to your studio for your client’s Santa pictures. Or photograph him for your client’s Santa photos at many of his public appearances. No matter where you find him, he will add charm to your professional photographs and artwork.

Professional Atlanta Santa Photo

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