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Santa Jeaux

Santa Claus Music

Dear Blog,

I’ll bet you thought you knew pretty much all the Christmas songs.

As Santa, I decided that all of the best songs haven’t been written, yet. So, I set out to write my own song.

In trying to come up with something new and exciting, I decided to go toward the humorous side. There are humorous Christmas songs already. The one that comes to my mind almost immediately is ‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer’. Every time I listen to that song, I start singing it and for quite a few hours, or days or even weeks, I have trouble getting it out of my head. The title is funny and the lyrics continue to be pretty funny all through it. Now, that’s the kind of song that I want to write.

I have been working on a song that doesn’t quite have such a catchy title, so it is a work in progress. But, I have taken my original thoughts and put them down on paper and even put it to music. I even had the opportunity to sing it on a talent show at the 2014 ClausFest gathering in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. (More about what that is will be in my next post, so stay tuned in.)

I’m not going to tell for now what the music is, because it is not copyrighted, yet. But, I will tell a bit of the lyrics. The name I have for the song right now is ‘Dearest Santa’. The song is in the form of a letter to Santa Claus by an 8 year old boy that really, really believes in Santa, but has an older sister that doesn’t. A real true-to-life situation.

Here are a few lines from the song. (Perhaps, I will record it and post the recording soon.)

Dearest Santa, this is Billy.
My older sister says I’m just silly,
‘Cause I’m writing you this letter.
She says you’re not really real and she knows better.

She says that you don’t fly with reindeer.
And, where you live is really unclear.
And, that I must have the crazies
If I think you’re in the big parade at Macy’s.

Anyway, the song goes on for about 6 more verses which I plan on sharing over the course of future posts. But, for now, I think you get the idea of the song. I’m also working on another song that is a parody of the ‘Grandma Got Run Over’ song. It’s title is going to be ‘I Didn’t Know My Reindeer Sleighed Your Grandma’.

HOHOHO – It’s Santa Jeaux

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