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The Santa Claus Conservatory

Santa Claus – Professional Training

Northstar Santa School aI had the great opportunity last month to attend the Northstar Santa School at a two-day session in Alpharetta. (One of the founders of the school, Ron Vedder, in green shirt, with me, in white shirt). It was a wonderfully rewarding and educational experience.




I especially enjoyed the session taught by Piper, the president of Elf Magic (seen pictured below along with Santa Ron Vedder.

Elf Magica

They make an elf similar to the ‘Elf-on-the-Shelf’ (but much better), only their elf has actually been on the market much longer (over 25 years). One of the best things about their elves is that the children are allowed to play with them and each of them comes with their own name and personality, but only stays with them from Thanksgiving time until New Years. Another great thing is that they are not ‘tattle-tells’, but they still tend to get into some mischief every night or participate in what they call an ‘elfcapade’.

The elves range in height from 6″ to 10″ and up to 36″.  They do, generally, go back to the North Pole and see Santa every night, but they only tell good things about the children they are assigned to. I, for one, am going to promote this elf as a better experience for the children I visit each season.

You can find out more about them at Only sold in specialty stores around the country.

Until next time ….

HOHOHO, it’s Santa Jeaux!!!

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